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Welcome to the Zohuddle networking event session for INCF Assembly. The networking event is a chance to connect with other neuroinformaticians, and to find new collaborators, mentors and professional connections. It is the perfect opportunity for researchers and student scientists to network with mentors and collaborators, including established investigators in the field.

Zohuddle is an app for accelerated virtual networking that enables meaningful connections in your community in a unique way. The app lets you submit an abstract describing your research, then rank the abstracts of other participants based on who you would most like to meet. Based on these rankings, we create a schedule of one-on-one “huddles” and walk you through these meetings with an in-app video chat.

  1. Create a Zohuddle profile. Click on your profile image of the lower left to edit your personal information.
  2. Registration. Click "sign up to participate" and enter your abstract title and body (feel free to copy/paste this from another source). You also have the option to indicate your time slot availability.
  3. Ranking. You will have a chance to view other submitted abstracts, choose some that interest you, and put them in order of interest. We will use these rankings to create a schedule of meetings.
  4. Huddles. Follow the links to your assigned meetings. If your match does not show up you can go the the lobby and chat with others. Happy huddles!

If you have a disability or special need that may require assistance while using our platform, please share more about how we may be able to assist you via