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AnalySim: A web platform for collaborative data sharing and analysis for research
Anca Doloc-Mihu, Cengiz Gunay
Presenting author:
Cengiz Gunay
In this poster, we present the updates in the development of the Analysim science gateway for data sharing and analysis. An alpha testing version of the gateway is currently hosted at, supported by the NSF-funded ACCESS advanced computing and data resource. The gateway is being developed as an open source software that can host data and can be used for performing analysis for various types of datasets. The source code is hosted at AnalySim aims to help with data sharing, data hosting for publications, interactive visualizations, collaborative research, and crowdsourced analysis. Special support is planned for simulation datasets with many changing parameters and recorded measurements, such as those produced by large-scale neuronal parameter search studies. However, AnalySim is not limited to this type of data and allows running custom analysis code in interactive notebooks.
AnalySim has been a participant of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program since 2021. Previous progress included creating a more consistent visual user interface style and a better security of the user registration system. In GSoC 2023, we are improving notebook support that was limited to JavaScript notebooks provided from We will demonstrate embedding Jupyter notebooks based on Python and newly designed project pages.