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Towards a standard data organisation for animal electrophysiology experiments - An update on the BIDS Extension Proposal 032
Julia Sprenger, Killian Rochet, Sylvain Takerkart
Presenting author:
Julia Sprenger
The need for standardisation of data and accompanying metadata has grown in recognition in the neurosciences. Diverse projects and standards have been developed to comply with this need, among them the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS). Under the umbrella of BIDS diverse, also non-imaging modalities are standardised by now, one of those a recent BIDS extension proposal to include animal electrophysiology (BEP032).

We presented an early version of the BEP032 at the INCF Assembly 2021. Here we summarize the improvements of the BEP032 that emerged from a number of community discussions and aggregation of additional datasets in the last year. This includes the updates of the BEP032 specification document as well as extensions of complementary tools and demonstrations. On the software side we extended the functionality of the BIDS electrophysiology validation and generation as well as the integration with other toolboxes. On the dataset side, we extended the BEP032 to include another sub-modality of electrophysiology data acquired by patching individual cells in-vitro as well as in-vivo. Finally we demonstrated how the provided tools can be integrated in a common workflow based on the BEP032.