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The SPARC Connectivity Knowledge Base of the Autonomic Nervous System
Tom Gillespie, Bernard de Bono, Monique Surles-Zeigler, Natallia Kokash, Fahim Imam, Jyl Boline, Jeffrey Grethe, Maryann Martone
Presenting author:
Tom Gillespie
The NIH Common Fund's Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve
Conditions (SPARC) initiative is a large-scale program that seeks to
accelerate the development of therapeutic devices that modulate
electrical activity in nerves to improve organ function.

A key component of the SPARC initiative is the SPARC Connectivity
Knowledge Base of the Autonomic Nervous system (SCKAN).

SCKAN aims to be a comprehensive knowledge base of autonomic nervous
system nerve to end organ connectivity. Connectivity information is
derived from SPARC experts, SPARC data, literature and textbooks.

A SCKAN release has three major parts: the SPARC dataset metadata
graph, ApiNATOMY and NPO models of neuronal connectivity (SCKAN
proper), and the larger ontology used by SPARC, which is a combination
of the NIF-Ontology and community ontologies.

SCKAN is distributed as two docker images, one that provides a query
interface for SPARQL and Cypher query languages, and one for the
data. The source data and the data image are archived on Zenodo. The
latest release is at

We present an overview of the content of SCKAN and a series of example
use cases along with an overview of the technical architecture.