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Mapping the distribution of neurochemically-defined cell types throughout the primate cortex
Piotr Majka, Nafiseh Atapour, Sylwia Bednarek, Agata Kulesza, Gabriela Saworksa, Katrina H Worthy, Marcello G P Rosa
Presenting author:
Piotr Majka
The contributions of neurons to perception, action, or cognition are fundamentally determined by the connections they form with other neurons. While the recent connectivity maps of non-human primate species have been a major achievement, to provide the border insight into brain dynamics, the connectivity patterns need to be also analysed in the context of chemo- and cytoarchitecture. We present a whole-brain map of Calbindin positive (CB+) neurons including the neurogliaform (NG) subtype. The densities of the CB+ neurons were measured in three marmosets using a deep learning approach which provides insight into, both, interareal and laminar density distribution. While the absolute densities vary significantly between individuals, the overall patterns remain consistent. The density of CB+ neurons across the neocortex followed a similar pattern as overall neuronal density, while NG neurons had a more localised presence. In the long term, the systematic mapping of neuronal types in non-human primates will provide a relationship between the system and molecular organization of the cerebral cortex.