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AnalySim: A science gateway for collaborative data sharing and analysis for research
Ryan Gambrell, Ahkeelah Lindo, Anca Doloc-Mihu, Cengiz Gunay
Presenting author:
Cengiz Gunay
AnalySim is an open source science gateway for data sharing and hosting for publications, interactive visualizations, collaborative research, and crowdsourced analysis. AnalySim aims to help with hosting data and performing analysis for various types of datasets. Special support is planned for datasets with many changing parameters and recorded measurements, such as those produced by neuronal parameter search studies with large number of simulations. However, AnalySim also allows running custom analysis code. Currently, it has a proof-of-concept demonstration of analysis capabilities by embedding JavaScript notebooks provided from Python Jupyter notebooks support is next.
Analysim aims to improve visibility of one’s research and helps the paper review process by allowing to reproduce others’ analyses. In addition, it fosters collaborative research by providing access to others' public datasets and analysis, creating opportunities to ask novel questions, and start new collaborations or work in teams. AnalySim has Github-like features, such as forking or cloning existing projects to customize them, and tagging or following researchers and projects. Datasets can be filtered and analysis notebooks can be duplicated for further improving. Sponsored by INCF, during Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2021, several new features, such as forking projects, were added to Analysim. In this presentation, we will review these features and the plan for GSoC 2022.