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Advances in the process of data collection from the online neurorehabilitation system
Roman Mouček, Petr Brůha, Michal Horký, Pavel Šnejdar
Presenting author:
Roman Mouček
BrainIn ( is an online software system designed and implemented to facilitate the neurorehabilitation process of people with acquired brain damage. Currently, the system includes tens of templates and hundreds of specific tasks intended for neurorehabilitation purposes; a wide range of speech therapy, cognition, attention, memory and motor exercises are available and broadly tested by therapists, patients and their families.

The BrainIn system differs from other similarly targeted systems mainly in two following aspects. Therapists can create general templates and personalise neurorehabilitation tasks for their patients. The system also collects detailed data related to the results achieved by the patients during their therapy and associated with their overall behaviour (such as mistakes, corrections, delays, and clicks at various task locations) while performing their neurorehabilitation tasks. Therapists also deliver additional metadata about the patients (separately from the system BrainIn) for statistical processing during the project's duration. When adding a system of user roles and an internal communication channel, the neurorehabilitation system offers a rather complex data management platform.

There is an experience using the system in clinical practice and opportunities to evaluate collected data using machine learning methods.

This work was supported by ERDF and the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic within the project INTERREG V-A 191.