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Approved Abstracts - INCF Neuroinformatics Assembly 2022

Clinical neuroscience
How impulsiveness influences obesity: the mediating effect by resting-state brain activity of dlPFC
Authors: Hui Zheng, Zi-Qi Liu, Ti-Fei Yuan
Presenting author: Hui Zheng
Submitter information
Name: Hui Zheng
Affiliation: Shanghai Mental Health Center
Digital atlasing
Workflows for automated analysis of mouse brain imaging data
Authors: Aref Kalantari, Leon Scharwächter, Felix Schmitt, Niklas Pallast, Gereon R. Fink, Markus Aswendt
Presenting author: Markus Aswendt
Submitter information
Name: Markus Aswendt
Affiliation: University Hospital Cologne
Artificial intelligence
An Introduction to Developmental Embodied Neurosimulation
Authors: Bradly Alicea, Daniela Cialfi, Rishabh Chakraborty, Stefan Dvoretskii, Sam Felder, Ziyi Gong, Akshara Gopi, Ankit Gupta, Avery Lim, and Jesse Parent
Presenting author: Bradly Alicea
Submitter information
Name: Bradly Alicea
Affiliation: OpenWorm Foundation
Open science + publishing
NeuroBridge ontology development for shared neuroimaging datasets
Authors: Jessica A. Turner, Matthew D. Turner, Abhishek Appaji, Arcot K. Rajasekar, Lei Wang, Satya Sahoo
Presenting author: Satya Sahoo
Submitter information
Name: Jessica Turner
Affiliation: Georgia State University
Open science + publishing
NWB Inspector of Best Practices for NWB Files
Authors: Cody Baker, Oliver Ruebel, and Benjamin Dichter
Presenting author: Cody Baker
Submitter information
Name: Cody Baker
Affiliation: CatalystNeuro
PET2BIDS: a library for converting Positron Emission Tomography data to BIDS
Authors: Anthony Galassi, Martin Norgaard, Claus Svarer, Chris Rorden, Gabriel Gonzalez-Escamilla, Paul Wighton, Russell Poldrack, Douglas Greve, Adam Thomas, Robert Innis, Gitte Moos Knudsen, Melanie Ganz & Cyril Pernet.
Presenting author: Cyril Pernet
Submitter information
Name: Cyril Pernet
Affiliation: Neurobiology Research Unit
General neuroinformatics
Active Segmentation: Differential Geometry meets Machine Learning
Authors: Dimiter Prodanov and Sumit Vohra
Presenting author: Dimiter Prodanov
Submitter information
Name: Dimiter Prodanov
Affiliation: NERF, Leuven, Belgium
Computational neuroscience
Facilitating model verification with automatic robustness and precision checks
Authors: Florent Bonnier, Andrew Davison,
Presenting author: Florent Bonnier
Submitter information
Name: Florent Bonnier
Affiliation: Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay
Large-scale modeling
AutSim: Principled, data-driven model development and abstraction for synaptic translation in Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) and healthy control.
Authors: Nisha Ann Viswan, Upinder Singh Bhalla
Presenting author: Nisha Ann Viswan
Submitter information
Name: Nisha Ann Viswan
Affiliation: National Centre for Biological Sciences
Data management
Towards a standard data organisation for animal electrophysiology experiments - An update on the BIDS Extension Proposal 032
Authors: Julia Sprenger, Killian Rochet, Sylvain Takerkart
Presenting author: Julia Sprenger
Submitter information
Name: Julia Sprenger
Affiliation: Institut de Neuroscience de la Timone, CNRS, Aix-Marseille University, France
Data management
Advances in the process of data collection from the online neurorehabilitation system
Authors: Roman Mouček, Petr Brůha, Michal Horký, Pavel Šnejdar
Presenting author: Roman Mouček
Submitter information
Name: Roman Mouček
Affiliation: University of West Bohemia
Computational neuroscience
MEEGqc - a quality control workflow for MEEG data
Authors: Aaron Reer, Evgeniia Gapotsneva
Presenting author: Aaron Reer
Submitter information
Name: Aaron Reer
Affiliation: Scientific software engineer/data scientist
Data management
Large-scale data management and sharing with Zarr and webKnossos
Authors: Norman Rzepka
Presenting author: Norman Rzepka
Submitter information
Name: Norman Rzepka
Affiliation: scalable minds GmbH
Data management
Linking NeuroBridge and NeuroQuery with Deep Semantic Matching
Authors: Howard Lander, Arcot Rajasekar, Yue Wang, Matt Watson, Satya Sahoo, Jessica Turner, Jean-Baptiste Poline, Lei Wang
Presenting author: Howard Lander
Submitter information
Name: Howard Lander
Affiliation: UNC Chapel Hill
Infrastructural and portal services
AnalySim: A science gateway for collaborative data sharing and analysis for research
Authors: Ryan Gambrell, Ahkeelah Lindo, Anca Doloc-Mihu, Cengiz Gunay
Presenting author: Cengiz Gunay
Submitter information
Name: Cengiz Gunay
Affiliation: Georgia Gwinnett College
General neuroinformatics
NIDM-Terms: Techniques and Controlled Vocabularies for Annotating Datasets to Maximize Findability and Reuse
Authors: Nazek Queder, Sanu Ann Abraham, Karl G. Helmer, Theo G.M. van Erp, Sebastian G.W. Urchs, Jean-Baptiste Poline, Jeffrey S. Grethe, Satrajit Ghosh, David Keator
Presenting author: David Keator
Submitter information
Name: Nazek Queder
Affiliation: University of California, Irvine
General neuroinformatics
NIDM-Experiment: A Controlled Vocabulary for Annotating Neuroscience-related Datasets
Authors: Karl G. Helmer, Satrajit Ghosh, Jeffrey S. Grethe, Jean-Baptiste Poline, Theo G.M. van Erp, David Keator
Presenting author: Karl G. Helmer
Submitter information
Name: Karl Helmer
Affiliation: Massachusetts General Hospital
Data systems
Brain Injury Knowledge Ontology for Traumatic Brain Injury (BIKO-TBI)
Authors: Monique C. Surles-Zeigler, Jeffrey S. Grethe, Adam R. Ferguson, Maryann E. Martone
Presenting author: Monique C. Surles-Zeigler
Submitter information
Name: Monique Surles-Zeigler
Affiliation: University of California, San Diego
Artificial intelligence
LSTM Autoencoders for EEG correction and an analysis of its latent space
Authors: Arnau Saumell, Karan Chugani, Aureli Soria-Frisch
Presenting author: Arnau Saumell
Submitter information
Name: Arnau Saumell
Affiliation: Starlab
Digital atlasing
Mapping the distribution of neurochemically-defined cell types throughout the primate cortex
Authors: Piotr Majka, Nafiseh Atapour, Sylwia Bednarek, Agata Kulesza, Gabriela Saworksa, Katrina H Worthy, Marcello G P Rosa
Presenting author: Piotr Majka
Submitter information
Name: Piotr Majka
Affiliation: Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology
Data management
FAIRly big: A framework for reproducible processing of large-scale data - a UK Biobank showcase
Authors: Adina Wagner, Laura Waite, Małgorzata Wierzba, Felix Hoffstaedter, Alexander Q. Waite, Benjamin Poldrack, Simon B. Eickhoff & Michael Hanke
Presenting author: Adina Wagner
Submitter information
Name: Adina Wagner
Affiliation: Research center Juelich
Data management
A Data Steward Walks into a Bar: Experiences managing open and restricted brain imaging data
Authors: Laura K. Waite, Alexander Q. Waite, Michael Hanke
Presenting author: Laura K. Waite
Submitter information
Name: Laura Waite
Affiliation: Research Center Juelich
Computational neuroscience
A Cartesian Coordinate System for the Human Forebrain
Authors: John E. LaMuth
Presenting author: John E. LaMuth
Submitter information
Name: John LaMuth
Affiliation: American Univ. of Sovereign Nations
The detection and prediction of traumatic stress-related fears by the methods of machine learning in a rat model of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Authors: Chen-Yi Lin, Shao-Han Chang, Dr. Bai- Chuang Shyu
Presenting author: Shao-Han Chang
Submitter information
Name: Shao-Han Chang
Affiliation: Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica
Data management
Metalad, a flexible Metadata system
Authors: Christian Mönch, Michael Hanke, Benjamin Poldrack, Stephan Heunis
Presenting author: Christian Mönch
Submitter information
Name: Christian Mönch
Affiliation: Research Center Juelich
Computational neuroscience
Brian2CUDA: Flexible and Efficient Simulation of Spiking Neural Network Models on GPUs
Authors: Denis Alevi, Marcel Stimberg, Henning Sprekeler, Klaus Obermayer, Moritz Augustin
Presenting author: Denis Alevi
Submitter information
Name: Denis Alevi
Affiliation: Technische Universität Berlin
Digital atlasing
NeuronsReunited-viewer: a 3d-visual interactive web portal that integrates large databases of long-range projection neurons in mouse.
Authors: Rembrandt Bakker, Nestor Timonidis, Mario Rubio-Teves, Maria García-Amado, Francisco Clascá, Paul Tiesinga
Presenting author: Rembrandt Bakker
Submitter information
Name: Rembrandt Bakker
Affiliation: Radboud University Nijmegen and Jülich Forschungszentrum
Data management
DataCat: Generate a user-friendly data browser from structured metadata using DataLad Catalog
Authors: Stephan Heunis, Christian Mönch, Benjamin Poldrack, and Michael Hanke.
Presenting author: Stephan Heunis
Submitter information
Name: Stephan Heunis
Affiliation: Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
Computational neuroscience
Deep Learning-based Analysis of White Matter Variation in Schizophrenia Patients
Authors: Indranath Chatterjee (Tongmyong University, South Korea), Videsha Bansal (JK Lakshmipat University, India), Sunghyun Kim (Tongmyong University, South Korea)
Presenting author: Indranath Chatterjee, Videsha Bansal, Sunghyun Kim
Submitter information
Name: Indranath Chatterjee
Affiliation: Tongmyong University, Busan, South Korea
Computational neuroscience
Open Source Brain v2.0: closing the loop between experimental neuroscience data and computational models
Authors: Padraig Gleeson, Ankur Sinha, Filippo Ledda, Matteo Cantarelli, Salvador Dura-Bernal, R. Angus Silver
Presenting author: Padraig Gleeson
Submitter information
Name: Padraig Gleeson
Affiliation: UCL
Brain disorders
Authors: Jagadeesh Kumar D, Priya Narayan, Deepika Bhat, Aashitha C Shekar.
Presenting author: Deepika Bhat, Aashitha C Shekar
Submitter information
Name: Deepika Bhat
Affiliation: Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Karnataka, India
Open science + publishing
From neuroinformatics to neuroethics: the essential role of standardization and scientific reporting for integrating knowledge across domains
Authors: Zach McKinney, Dimiter Prodanov, Sumit Soman, Aureli Soria-Frisch, Luigi Bianchi, Martijn de Neeling
Presenting author: Zach McKinney
Submitter information
Name: Zach McKinney
Affiliation: IEEE Standards Working Group P2794 (Reporting Standard for Neural Interface Research)
Data systems
DANDI: An archive and collaboration space for cellular neurophysiology projects
Authors: Y.O. Halchenko, S. Ghosh, B. Dichter, R. Choudhury, D. Chiquito, J. Nesbitt, B. Helba, M. VanDenburgh, J.T. Wodder II, H.I. Ioanas, D. Jarecka
Presenting author: Y.O. Halchenko
Submitter information
Name: Yaroslav Halchenko
Affiliation: Dartmouth College
Visualizing, describing and reviewing BCIs' workflow from data: what's needed?
Authors: Guillermo Sahonero, Pradeep Balachandran. Luigi Bianchi
Presenting author: Luigi Bianchi
Submitter information
Name: Luigi Bianchi
Affiliation: Tor Vergata University of Rome
Artificial intelligence
Trustworthy AI for Dementia
Authors: Mah Parsa
Presenting author: Mah Parsa
Submitter information
Name: Mah Parsa
Affiliation: CRIM
Data management
A Complete Data Pipeline for Calcium Imaging in DataJoint
Authors: Tolga Dincer, Thinh Nguyen, Kabilar Gunalan, Chris Brozdowski, Dimitri Yatsenko
Presenting author: Tolga Dincer
Submitter information
Name: Tolga Dincer
Affiliation: DataJoint
Genomics and genetics
The SPARC Connectivity Knowledge Base of the Autonomic Nervous System
Authors: Tom Gillespie, Bernard de Bono, Monique Surles-Zeigler, Natallia Kokash, Fahim Imam, Jyl Boline, Jeffrey Grethe, Maryann Martone
Presenting author: Tom Gillespie
Submitter information
Name: Tom Gillespie
Affiliation: University of California, San Diego
Leveraging mouse and rat brain atlases to standardize brain-wide mapping in serial sections and cleared intact brain volumes across experiments.
Presenting author: Nathan J. O'Connor
Submitter information
Name: Aidan Sullivan
Affiliation: MBF Bioscience
General neuroinformatics
The Credibility Loop: Meta-Analysis of Two Experiments Studying Credibility Evaluations using EEG
Authors: Andrzej Kawiak, Łukasz Kwaśniewicz, Piotr Schneider, Adam Wierzbicki, Grzegorz Wójcik
Presenting author: Adam Wierzbicki
Submitter information
Name: Adam Wierzbicki
Affiliation: Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology
Computational neuroscience
Unsupervised network embedding for Drosophila adult brain connectome
Authors: Xiyang Sun, Fumiyasu Komaki
Presenting author: Xiyang Sun
Submitter information
Name: Xiyang Sun
Affiliation: RIKEN CBS
Large-scale modeling
Validating the impact of sample size for modeling brain and behaviour interactions with canonical correlation analysis.
Authors: Michelle Wang, Brent McPherson, Jerome Dockes, Nikhil Bhagwat, JB Poline
Presenting author: Michelle Wang
Submitter information
Name: Brent McPherson
Affiliation: McGill University
Garbage In, Garbage Out : Protocol Compliance, Integrity and Quality Assurance Of Neuroimaging Datasets
Authors: Harsh Sinha, Tanupat Boonchalermvichien, and Pradeep Reddy Raamana
Presenting author: Harsh Sinha
Submitter information
Name: Pradeep Reddy Raamana
Affiliation: University of Pittsburgh
Open science + publishing
Magnetic resonance imaging datasets with anatomical fiducials for quality control and registration
Authors: Alaa Taha, Greydon Gilmore, Mohamad Abbas, Jason Kai, Tristan Kuehn, John Demarco, Geetika Gupta, Daniel Cao, Chris Zajner, Abrar Ahmed, Ali Hadi, Patrick Park, Dimuthu Hemachandra, Reid Vassallo, Sandy Wong, Ali R. Khan, Jonathan C. Lau
Presenting author: Alaa Taha
Submitter information
Name: Alaa Taha
Affiliation: Biomedical Engineering; University of Western Ontario
GUI-based, extensible, scalable framework for neural image data analysis --- OptiNiSt
Authors: Yukako Yamane, Yuzhe Li, Shogo Akiyama, Shuya Saeki, Masaru Kuwabara, Shigeki Hasui, Ryota Kanai, Carlos Enrique Gutierrez, Kenji Doya
Presenting author: Yukako Yamane
Submitter information
Name: yukako yamane
Affiliation: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
Data management
Electronic laboratory notebook platform to capture metadata describing the experimental setup and context of neuroimaging experiments
Authors: Praveen Sripad, Adeel Ansari, Alexander Barton, Tanya Brown, James Dickson, Aaryan Goyal, Blake Griggs, Sean Hill, Daniel Marcus, Mohana Ramaratnam, David Rotenberg, Niccolò Bonacchi*, Lucia Melloni*
Presenting author: Praveen Sripad
Submitter information
Name: Praveen Sripad
Affiliation: Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics
Multimodal analysis uncovers links between grey matter volume and frequency-specific connectivity states in schizophrenia
Authors: Marlena Duda, Ashkan Faghiri, Vince Calhoun
Presenting author: Marlena Duda
Submitter information
Name: Marlena Duda
Affiliation: Georgia State University