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Approved Abstracts - INCF Neuroinformatics Assembly 2021

Open science + publishing
BiocSwirl: Interactive R Tutorials for Neuroinformatics Workflows & Bioconductor
Authors: Lisa N. Cao, Mariam Arab
Presenting Author: Lisa N. Cao
Submitter information
Name: Lisa Cao
Affiliation: Simon Fraser University
Computational neuroscience
Activity-dependent myelination: a glial mechanism of oscillatory self-organization in large-scale brain networks
Authors: Rabiya Noori, Daniel Park, John D Griffiths, Sonya Bells, Donald Mabbott, Paul Frankland, Jeremie Lefebvre
Presenting Author: Jeremie Lefebvre
Submitter information
Name: Jeremie Lefebvre
Affiliation: University of Ottawa
General neuroinformatics
Python toolbox for fiber photometry data analysis
Authors: Ekaterina Martianova, Christophe D. Proulx
Presenting Author: Ekaterina Martianova
Submitter information
Name: Ekaterina Martianova
Affiliation: CERVO Brain Research Center, Laval University
Computational neuroscience
Diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease from EEG signals using Quantile Graphs
Authors: Andriana S. L. O. Campanharo, Aruane M. Pineda, Fernando M. Ramos, Luiz E. Betting
Presenting Author: Andriana S. L. O. Campanharo
Submitter information
Name: Andriana Campanharo
Affiliation: Assistant Professor
Brain Dynamics and Variations in Space
Authors: Armin Iraji, Robyn Miller, Tulay Adali, Vince D. Calhoun
Presenting Author: Armin Iraji
Submitter information
Name: Armin Iraji
Affiliation: Tri-Institutional (GSU, Georgia Tech, Emory) Center for Translational Research in Neuroimaging and Data Science (TReNDS)
Computational neuroscience
Automatic Identification of Epileptic Seizures in EEG Signals with the Use of Complex Networks Theory
Authors: Gustavo Henrique Tomanik, Andriana Susana Lopes de Oliveira Campanharo
Presenting Author: Gustavo Henrique Tomanik
Submitter information
Name: Gustavo Henrique Tomanik
Affiliation: São Paulo State University
Computational neuroscience
How the cerebellum and prefrontal cortex cooperate during associative learning.
Authors: Daniele Caligiore, Pierandrea Mirino
Presenting Author: Pierandrea Mirino
Submitter information
Name: Pierandrea Mirino
Affiliation: Sapienza University of Rome
General neuroinformatics
A novel software architecture based on WebAssembly for web-based neuroinformatics
Authors: Dustin Scheinost, Zac Saltzman, Stephanie Noble, Javid Dadashkarimi, Cheryl Lacadie, John Onofrey, Xenophon Papademetris
Presenting Author: Dustin Scheinost
Submitter information
Name: Dustin Scheinost
Affiliation: Yale University
A web-based toolkit for visualizing and interpreting complex connectomic results in BISWeb
Authors: Javid Dadashkarimi, Stephanie Noble , An Qu, Zac Saltzman, Xilin Shen, Evelyn Lake, Todd Constable, Xenophon Papademetris, Dustin Scheinost
Presenting Author: Javid Dadashkarimi
Submitter information
Name: javid dadashkarimi
Affiliation: Yale University
Computational neuroscience
Browser-Based Neuron Simulation and Analysis Laboratory
Authors: Chris Fietkiewicz, J. Thomas Mortimer
Presenting Author: Chris Fietkiewicz
Submitter information
Name: Chris Fietkiewicz
Affiliation: Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Computational neuroscience
Bioimage Suite Web: A Simple, Modern, & Powerful Software Suite
Authors: Stephanie Noble, Javid Dadashkarimi, Zachariah Saltzman, Cheryl Lacadie, Haley Garbus, John Onofrey, Xenophon Papademetris, Dustin Scheinost
Presenting Author: Stephanie Noble
Submitter information
Name: Stephanie Noble
Affiliation: Yale University
Infrastructural and portal services
GIN: Open platform and services for efficient research data management, collaboration and data publication
Authors: Achilleas Koutsou, Michael Sonntag, Jiří Vaněk, Thomas Wachtler
Presenting Author: Achilleas Koutsou
Submitter information
Name: Michael Sonntag
Affiliation: German Neuroinformatics Node, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany
NWBWidgets: Interactive Visualization for Neurodata Without Borders Files
Authors: Benjamin Dichter, Matt McCormick, Luiz Tauffer, Jeremy Magland, Lydia Ng, Oliver Ruebel, Michael Grauer
Presenting Author: Benjamin Dichter
Submitter information
Name: Benjamin Dichter
Affiliation: CatalystNeuro
Data management
Extending the Neurodata Without Borders data standard to handle new data types and use cases
Authors: Ryan Ly, Benjamin Dichter, Andrew Tritt, Oliver Ruebel
Presenting Author: Ryan Ly
Submitter information
Name: Ryan Ly
Affiliation: Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Computational neuroscience
A Simple Parametric Representation of the Hodgkin-Huxley Model
Authors: Alejandro Rodríguez-Collado, Cristina Rueda
Presenting Author: Alejandro Rodríguez-Collado
Submitter information
Name: Alejandro Rodríguez-Collado
Affiliation: Universidad de Valladolid
Clinical neuroscience
LANDSCAPE: A structural MRI-based geometric model for transcranial brain stimulation
Authors: Hanna Lu, Jing Li, Li Zhang, Sandra Sau Man Chan, Linda Chiu Wa Lam
Presenting Author: Hanna Lu
Submitter information
Name: Hanna Lu
Affiliation: The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Variability of scaling exponents in short-term memory fMRI time series
Authors: A Ceglarek, JK Ochab, M Wątorek, P Oświęcimka
Presenting Author: JK Ochab
Submitter information
Name: Jeremi Ochab
Affiliation: Jagiellonian University
Infrastructural and portal services
Addgene - Open BioMaterials sharing success
Authors: Joanne Kamens
Presenting Author: Joanne Kamens
Submitter information
Name: Joanne Kamens
Affiliation: Addgene
General neuroinformatics
DevoLearn: a platform for open Developmental Data Science, Machine Learning, and Education
Authors: Bradly Alicea, Mayukh Deb, Ujjwall Singh, Vinay Varma
Presenting Author: Bradly Alicea
Submitter information
Name: Bradly Alicea
Affiliation: OpenWorm Foundation
Songbird neural data analysis: an open-source software in Python
Authors: Eduarda Centeno, Arthur Leblois
Presenting Author: Eduarda Centeno
Submitter information
Name: Eduarda Gervini Centeno
Affiliation: Université de Bordeaux
Infrastructural and portal services
Empowering data sharing and big data analytics with Open Data Commons for Traumatic Brain Injury (ODC-TBI)
Authors: Chou A, Torres-Espin A, Huie JR, Chiu M, Keller A, Krukowski K, Lee S, Nolan A, Guglielmetti C, Hawkins BE, Chaumeil MM, Manley GT, Beattie MS, Bresnahan JC, Martone ME, Grethe JS, Rosi S, Ferguson AR
Presenting Author: Austin Chou
Submitter information
Name: Austin Chou
Affiliation: University of California San Francisco
Opponent-channels model of auditory spatial coding may not be tested by using event-related potentials to abrupt lateralization shifts
Authors: B. Ilhan, P. Ungan
Presenting Author: B. Ilhan
Submitter information
Name: Barkin Ilhan
Affiliation: Necmettin Erbakan University Meram Medical Faculty
Computational neuroscience
webKnossos: Share and annotate large-scale 3D images online
Authors: Norman Rzepka
Presenting Author: Norman Rzepka
Submitter information
Name: Norman Rzepka
Affiliation: scalable minds GmbH
Digital atlasing
Facilitating spatial integration of whole brain imaging data with deep learning
Authors: S. Bednarek, M. Stefaniuk, M. Pawłowska, K. Nowicka, L. Kaczmarek, D.K. Wójcik, P. Majka
Presenting Author: S. Bednarek
Submitter information
Name: Sylwia Bednarek
Affiliation: Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences
Infrastructural and portal services
AMP PD: A FAIR workbench to accelerate the development of therapies for Parkinson’s disease
Authors: Kirsch Leslie, Appelmans Eline, Babcock Debra, Swanson-Fischer Christine, Wonders Carl, Bookman Matt, Alonso Dave, Ward Jacqueline M, Biswas Shameek, Dey Sumit, Singleton Andrew B, Iwaki Hirtotaka and AMP PD Consortium
Presenting Author: Kirsch Leslie
Submitter information
Name: Leslie Kirsch
Affiliation: Michael J Fox Foundation
Data management
Common cell type nomenclature for the mammalian brain: a systematic, extensible convention
Authors: Jeremy Miller, Nathan Gouwens, Bosiljka Tasic, Forrest Collman, Cindy van Velthoven, Trygve Bakken, Michael Hawrylycz, Hongkui Zeng, Ed Lein, Amy Bernard
Presenting Author: Jeremy Miller
Submitter information
Name: Jeremy Miller
Affiliation: Allen Institute for Brain Science
Computing systems
Automatic Analysis for more efficient and reproducible M/EEG pipelines
Authors: Tibor Auer
Presenting Author: Tibor Auer
Submitter information
Name: Tibor Auer
Affiliation: University of Surrey
Large-scale modeling
Neuroinformatic tool to study high dimensional dynamics with distributed delays in Neural Mass Models
Authors: Anisleidy González Mitjans, Deirel Paz Linares, Ariosky Areces Gonzalez, Min Li M, Ying Wang, Maria L. Bringas-Vega and Pedro A. Valdés-Sosa
Presenting Author: Anisleidy González Mitjans
Submitter information
Name: Anisleidy González Mitjans
Affiliation: The Clinical Hospital of Chengdu Brain Science Institute, MOE Key Lab for Neuroinformation, University of Electronic Science and Technology…
Data management
BIDS-animal-ephys : A standardization proposal for electrophysiological data recorded in animal models
Authors: Julia Sprenger, Frederic Barthelemy, Samuel Garcia, Benjamin Dichter, Sylvain Takerkart
Presenting Author: Julian Sprenger, Sylvain Takerkart
Submitter information
Name: Sylvain Takerkart
Affiliation: Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone, CNRS, Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, France
Digital atlasing
Histology-based Average Template of the Marmoset Cortex with Probabilistic Localization of Cytoarchitectural Areas
Authors: Piotr Majka, Sylwia Bednarek, Jonathan M. Chan, Natalia Jermakow, Cirong Liu, Gabriela Saworska, Katrina H. Worthy, Afonso C. Silva, Daniel K. Wójcik, Marcello G.P. Rosa
Presenting Author: Piotr Majka
Submitter information
Name: Piotr Majka
Affiliation: Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology
Large-scale modeling
The Brain Scaffold Builder: large-scale modelling framework
Authors: Robin De Schepper, Alice Geminiani, Alberto Antonietti, Claudia Casellato, Egidio D'Angelo
Presenting Author: Robin De Schepper
Submitter information
Name: Robin De Schepper
Affiliation: Universita degli Studi di Pavia
Infrastructural and portal services
Software repositories and registries; so many of registries, so little time. How can registries work together to better support the software developer community?
Authors: Edyta Vieth, Hervé Menager, Matus Kalas, Hans Ienasescu, and Steffen Möller, Anita Bandrowski
Presenting Author: Anita Bandrowski
Submitter information
Name: Anita Bandrowski
Affiliation: SciCrunch Inc
Data management
A Toolset for FAIR Reconstruction and Analysis of Microscopy Images
Authors: Maci L. Heal, Aidan E. Sullivan, Hana L. Kessler, Colin R. Bates, Michael Gulenko, Susan J. Tappan, Jacob R. Glaser
Presenting Author: Maci L. Heal
Submitter information
Name: Maci Heal
Affiliation: MBF Bioscience
Artificial intelligence
Confounds python library to mitigate effect of covariates and for [multi-site] data harmonization
Authors: Pradeep Reddy Raamana, Future Contributors
Presenting Author: Pradeep Reddy Raamana
Submitter information
Name: Pradeep Reddy Raamana
Affiliation: University of Pittsburgh
Brain Connectivity Variable Resolution Tomographic Analysis (BC-VARETA Toolbox)
Authors: Paz-Linares Deirel, Areces-Gonzalez Ariosky, Ying Wang, González-Mitjans Anisleidy, Bringas-Vega Maria L., Bosch-Bayard Jorge, Valdes-Sosa Pedro A
Presenting Author: Paz-Linares Deirel, Areces-Gonzalez Ariosky
Submitter information
Name: Ariosky Areces Gonzalez
Affiliation: University of Electronic Science and Technology
Clinical neuroscience
Quantitative EEG Analysis based on Riemannian metric
Authors: Ying Wang; Min Li; Carlos Lopez; Jorge Bosch-Bayard; Maria Luisa Bringas Vega; Pedro Antonio Valdés-Sosa
Presenting Author: Ying Wang
Submitter information
Name: Ying Wang
Affiliation: University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Analysis of causal relationship between different cortical regions measured by Transfer Entropy
Authors: Ania Mesa-Rodríguez, Deirel Paz-Linares, Anisleidy González-Mitjans, Mitchell Valdés-Sosa, Ariosky Areces-Gonzalez, Pedro A. Valdés-Sosa
Presenting Author: Ania Mesa-Rodríguez
Submitter information
Name: Ania Mesa
Affiliation: University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Estimating Overlapped Event-Related Response with EM algorithm
Authors: Yanetsy E. Rodríguez-León, Mitchell A. Valdés-Sosa, Kassandra Roger, Deirel Paz-Linares, Phetsamone Vannasing, Julie Tremblay, Maria L. Bringas-Vega, Janina Galler, Anne Gallagher, Pedro A. Valdés-Sosa
Presenting Author: Yanetsy E. Rodríguez-León
Submitter information
Name: Yanetsy Elisa Rodríguez León
Affiliation: University of Electronics Science and Technology of China
Data management
A user friendly approach for metadata collection and organisation for animal electrophysiology experiments
Authors: Julia Sprenger, Jeremy Garcia, Frederic Barthelemy, Sylvain Takerkart
Presenting Author: Julia Sprenger
Submitter information
Name: Julia Sprenger
Affiliation: Institut de Neuroscience de la Timone, CNRS, Aix-Marseille University, France
A visual tool for brain focused single-cell RNA-seq analysis
Authors: Justine GUÉGAN , Beáta GYÖRGY , Mathilde BERTRAND , Thomas GAREAU, Lars G. T. JORGENSEN
Presenting Author: Lars G. T. Jorgensen
Submitter information
Name: Lars Jorgensen
Affiliation: Data and Analysis Core, Institut du Cerveau, Inserm U 1127, CNRS UMR 7225, Sorbonne Université, F-75013, Paris, France
Computational neuroscience
Geodesic-based distance reveals non-linear topological features in neural activity from mouse visual cortex
Authors: Kosio Beshkov, Paul Tiesinga
Presenting Author: Kosio Beshkov
Submitter information
Name: Kosio Beshkov
Affiliation: Insitute of Neurobiology Bulgarian Academy of Science; Donders center for Neuroscience, Radboud University
Barbados Nutrition Study a Case Study for Causal Mediation Effects for High Dimensional Latent Mediator
Authors: Fuleah A. Razzaq, Carlos Lopez Naranjo, Maria L. Bringas Vega, Lidice Galan Garcia, Arielle G. Rabinowitz, Jorge Bosch-Bayard, Janina R. Galler and Pedro A. Valdes Sosa
Presenting Author: Fuleah A. Razzaq
Submitter information
Name: Fuleah Abdul Razzaq
Affiliation: University of Electronics Science and Technology of China
Identifying and eliminating differences between EEG and MEG source spectra
Authors: Usama Riaz, Fuleah A. Razzaq, Deirel Paz-Linares, Ariosky Areces-Gonzalez, Sunpei Huang , Eduardo Gonzalez-Moreira, Eduardo Martinez Montes, José Enrique Alvarez Iglesias and Pedro A. Valdés-Sosa
Presenting Author: Usama Riaz
Submitter information
Name: Usama Riaz
Affiliation: University of Electronics Science and Technology of China
Computational neuroscience
Forward Modeling of EEG Signals: CST Studio Suite versus COMSOL Multiphysics
Authors: D. Kuřátko, D. K. Wójcik, J. Láčík, V. Koudelka, Z. Raida
Presenting Author: David Kuřátko
Submitter information
Name: David Kuratko
Affiliation: Brno University of Technology
Computational neuroscience
Improved alignment and registration of axonal morphologies to an atlas using a semi-automated procedure
Authors: Piastra MC, Bakker R, Garcia-Amado M, Rubio M, Clasca F, Tiesinga PH
Presenting Author: Maria-Carla Piastra
Submitter information
Name: Maria-Carla Piastra
Affiliation: Radboud University, Donders Institute
Snakebids: BIDS App-compliant workflow management with Snakemake
Authors: Ali R Khan, Tristan Kuehn, Roy AM Haast
Presenting Author: Tristan Kuehn
Submitter information
Name: Ali Khan
Affiliation: Western University
Computational neuroscience
A pipeline to analyze multinational EEG cross-spectra data in the Euclidean space
Authors: Carlos Lopez Naranjo, Min Li, Pedro A. Valdés-Sosa
Presenting Author: Carlos Lopez Naranjo
Submitter information
Name: Carlos Lopez
Affiliation: Univeristy of Electronic Science and Technology of China
An automated multi-modal neuroimaging pipeline for large-scale network modelling in TheVirtualBrain
Authors: Noah Frazier-Logue, Zheng Wang, Devin J. Sodums, Justin Wang, Anthony R. McIntosh, Kelly Shen
Presenting Author: Noah Frazier-Logue
Submitter information
Name: Kelly Shen
Affiliation: Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest
General neuroinformatics
Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions (SPARC): Enriching peripheral nervous system ontology development
Authors: Monique Surles-Zeigler, Tom Gillespie, Troy Sincomb, Jeffrey Grethe, Maryann E. Martone
Presenting Author: Monique Surles-Zeigler
Submitter information
Name: Monique Surles-Zeigler
Affiliation: University of California, San Diego
Infrastructural and portal services
ezBIDS: The open cloud service for automated, validated DICOM to BIDS conversion
Authors: Daniel Levitas, Soichi Hayashi, Franco Pestilli
Presenting Author: Daniel Levitas
Submitter information
Name: Daniel Levitas
Affiliation: Indiana University, Bloomington
Computational neuroscience
A simulation-based machine learning approach to demixing EAP sources for extracellular morphological characterization
Authors: Vergil R Haynes, Yi Zhou, Sharon M Crook
Presenting Author: Vergil R Haynes
Submitter information
Name: Vergil Haynes
Affiliation: Arizona State University
General neuroinformatics
Modelling individual variability across multiple data streams in music listening and at rest
Authors: S. Faber, A.R. McIntosh
Presenting Author: Sarah Faber
Submitter information
Name: Sarah Faber
Affiliation: Baycrest Health Sciences Centre
General neuroinformatics
HED-3G: The Hierarchical Event Descriptor (HED) framework for annotating events, tasks, experiment conditions and their relationships in neuroimaging and other time series data
Authors: Kay Robbins, Dung Truong, Ian Callahan, Alexander Jones, Arnaud Delorme, Scott Makeig
Presenting Author: Kay Robbins
Submitter information
Name: Kay Robbins
Affiliation: University of Texas at San Antonio
Open science + publishing
NeuroFedora: Free Software for Free Neuroscience
Authors: Ankur Sinha, Aniket Pradhan, Sergio Pascual, Antonio Trande, Alessio Ciregia, Josh Santos, Alberto Rodríguez Sánchez, Luis Bazan, Igor Raits, Christian Kellner, Morgan Hough, Zbigniew J˛edrzejewski-Szmek, Iztok Fister Jr.
Presenting Author: Ankur Sinha
Submitter information
Name: Ankur Sinha
Affiliation: University College London
Open science + publishing
PreprintMatch: a new tool to match manuscripts across multiple similarity metrics
Authors: Peter Eckmann, Anita Bandrowski
Presenting Author: Peter Eckmann
Submitter information
Name: Peter Eckmann
Affiliation: UC San Diego
Clinical neuroscience
EEG-triggered TMS as a promising approach to the treatment of schizophrenia
Authors: Baklushev M.E., Nazarova M.A., Nikulin V.V., Novikov P.A.
Presenting Author: Baklushev M.E.
Submitter information
Name: Mikhail Baklushev
Affiliation: Institute of cognitive neuroscience of High school of economy, Russia
Infrastructural and portal services
A MATLAB tool for tabular and object-oriented data access from the public Allen Brain Observatory data resource
Authors: Dylan Muir, Shubo Chakrabarti, Xinzhu (Cindy) Fang, Ethan Meyers, Vijay Iyer
Presenting Author: Vijay Iyer
Submitter information
Name: Vijay Iyer
Affiliation: MathWorks
Open science + publishing
EEG analysis tools in the CBRAIN and the Cuban Human Brain Mapping Database: a contribution of the Cuba-Canada-China axis and the Global Brain Consortium to Open Science
Authors: Jorge Bosch-Bayard1, Lidice Galan2, Maria L. Bringas Vega2,3, Eduardo Aubert Vazquez2, Iris Rodriguez Gil2, Samir Das1, Cecile Madjar1, Trinidad Virues Alba2, Zia Mohades1, Leigh C. MacIntyre1, Christine Rogers1, Shawn Brown1, Lourdes Valdes Urrutia2, Ala
Presenting Author: Jorge Bosch-Bayard
Submitter information
Name: Jorge Bosch-Bayard
Affiliation: McGill University
Computing systems
INCF/OCNS Software Working Group
Authors: Ankur Sinha, Shailesh Appukuttan, Stewart Heitmann, Caglar Cakan, Nikola Jajcay, Christoph Metzner, Felix B. Kern, Zohreh Vaziri, Amelie Aussel, Brent Huisman, Malin Sandström, Daniele Avitabile, Thomas Nowotny, James Knight, Charl Linssen, Andrew P. Dav
Presenting Author: Ankur Sinha, Shailesh Appukuttan
Submitter information
Name: Shailesh Appukuttan
Affiliation: CNRS
Data systems
On performance and behavioral data collection from online neurorehabilitation tool
Authors: Roman Mouček, Petr Brůha, Michal Horký, Pavel Šnejdar, Lukáš Vařeka
Presenting Author: Roman Mouček
Submitter information
Name: Roman Mouček
Affiliation: New Technologies for the Information Society, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia
General neuroinformatics
Management‌ ‌and‌ ‌Quality‌ ‌Control‌ ‌of‌ ‌Large‌ Neuroimaging‌ ‌Datasets: Developments from the Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center
Authors: Jordi Huguet, Carles Falcon, David Fusté, Sergi Girona, David Vicente, José Luis Molinuevo, Juan Domingo Gispert, Greg Operto
Presenting Author: Greg Operto
Submitter information
Name: Greg Operto
Affiliation: Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center
General neuroinformatics
Responsive dashboards for XNAT: A flexible framework
Authors: Jordi Huguet, Grégory Operto, Marina García, Mohammad Asif Hashmi
Presenting Author: Jordi Huguet
Submitter information
Name: Jordi Huguet
Affiliation: Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center (BBRC)
Towards translational EEG in freely moving rats: fully implantable 3D-printed technology and other technical challenges
Authors: Vlastimil Koudelka, Ailke Behrens, Cestmir Vejmola, David Kuratko, Jaroslav Lacik, Theodor Doll, Daniel Krzysztof Wojcik, Tomas Palenicek
Presenting Author: Vlastimil Koudelka
Submitter information
Name: Vlastimil Koudelka
Affiliation: National Institute of Mental Health in Klecany
Clinical neuroscience
MELD Project: Harmonisation of a large multi-centre dataset for epilepsy lesion detection
Authors: Mathilde Ripart, Hannah Spitzer, Torsten Baldeweg, MELD Project consortium, Konrad Wagstyl, Sophie Adler
Presenting Author: Mathilde Ripart
Submitter information
Name: Mathilde Ripart
Affiliation: UCL
Automated 3D stitching of axon segments across multiple brain sections
Authors: Bakker R, Rubio-Teves M, García-Amado M, Piastra MC, Clascá F, Tiesinga PH
Presenting Author: Rembrandt Bakker
Submitter information
Name: Rembrandt Bakker
Affiliation: Radboud University Nijmegen and Jülich Forschungszentrum
Open science + publishing
FAIR data publication on the Open Data Commons for Spinal Cord Injury (
Authors: Abel Torres-Espin, Austin Chou, Romana Vavrek, Michael Chiu, J Russell Huie, Anastasia V Keller, John C Gensel, Maryann E Martone, Jeffrey S Grethe, Karim Fouad and Adam R Ferguson
Presenting Author: Abel Torres-Espin
Submitter information
Name: Abel Torres Espin
Affiliation: University of California San Francisco
Open science + publishing
Towards neuroinformatic interoperability: a reporting standard for neural interface research
Authors: Zach McKinney, Calvin Eiber, Jorge Cardoso, Sumit Soman, Martijn de Neeling, Jean Delbeke
Presenting Author: Zach McKinney
Submitter information
Name: Zach McKinney
Affiliation: Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna; IEEE Standards Association
Computational neuroscience
Mixed vine copula flows for flexible modelling of neural dependencies
Authors: Lazaros Mitskopoulos, Arno Onken
Presenting Author: Lazaros Mitskopoulos
Submitter information
Name: Lazaros Mitskopoulos
Affiliation: University of Edinburgh
Data systems
The SPARC Data Structure 2.0
Authors: Tom Gillespie, Anita Bandrowski, Jeffrey S. Grethe, Anna Pilko, Gabi Pine, Bhavesh Patel, Monique Surles-Zeigler, Maryann E. Martone
Presenting Author: Tom Gillespie
Submitter information
Name: Tom Gillespie
Affiliation: University of California, San Diego
Data management
Converting electrophysiology data to community standard formats using Neo
Authors: Elodie Legouée, Achilleas Koutsou, Julia Sprenger, Samuel Garcia, Andrew P. Davison
Presenting Author: Elodie Legouée
Submitter information
Name: Elodie Legouée
Affiliation: Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience, UMR 9197, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique/Université Paris-Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette,…
Infrastructural and portal services
Resource Watch - Making Research Resource Issue and Validation Information FAIR
Authors: Philip L. Pascual, Ko-Wei Lin, Vicky Guo, Mason Pairish, Chun-Nan Hsu, Jeffrey S. Grethe, Anita E. Bandrowski, Maryann E. Martone
Presenting Author: Philip L. Pascual
Submitter information
Name: Leo Pascual
Affiliation: UCSD
Neuromorphic engineering
Providing community access to large-scale neuromorphic computing systems
Authors: M. Sénoville, H. Aguili, O. Ates, J. Duperrier, D. Guarino, B. Lungsi Sharma, B. Kindler, E. Müller, A.G.D. Rowley, A.P. Davison, and the EBRAINS Neuromorphic Computing Collaboration
Presenting Author: M. Sénoville
Submitter information
Name: Matthieu Sénoville
Affiliation: Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience, UMR 9197, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique/Université Paris-Saclay, France
Infrastructural and portal services
The Decentralized Science Stack
Authors: Shady El Damaty, Anibal Solon Heinsfeld
Presenting Author: Shady El Damaty
Submitter information
Name: Shady El Damaty
Affiliation: Opscientia
Computing systems
FlyBrainLab: A Complete Programming Environment for Discovering the Functional Logic of the Fruit Fly Brain
Authors: Aurel A. Lazar, Tingkai Liu, Mehmet Kerem Turkcan, Yiyin Zhou (The authors’ names are listed in alphabetical order)
Presenting Author: Aurel A. Lazar, Tingkai Liu, Mehmet Kerem Turkcan, Yiyin Zhou
Submitter information
Name: Tingkai Liu
Affiliation: Columbia University
Infrastructural and portal services
A private data sharing infrastructure for multidisciplinary spinal cord injury research
Authors: Huie JR, Chou, A, Torres-Espin A, Sacramento J, Keller AV, Joiner WM, North R, Arumi PS, Schwerz de Lucena D, Rosenzweig ES, Tuszynski MH, Sparrey CJ, Beattie MS, Bresnahan JC, Martone ME, Grethe JS, & Ferguson AR.
Presenting Author: J. Russell Huie
Submitter information
Name: J. Russell Huie
Affiliation: University of California, San Francisco
Ontology integration and experimental metadata in NWB: modeling Patch-seq datasets
Authors: Pamela M. Baker, Ryan Ly, Matthew Avaylon, Andrew Tritt, Oliver Ruebel, and Lydia Ng
Presenting Author: Pamela Baker
Submitter information
Name: Pamela Baker
Affiliation: Allen Institute for Brain Science
Data systems
AnalySim: A web platform for collaborative data sharing and analysis
Authors: Jordan Vincent, Hieu Dinh, Daina Thomas, Anca Doloc-Mihu, Cengiz Gunay
Presenting Author: Cengiz Gunay
Submitter information
Name: Cengiz Gunay
Affiliation: Georgia Gwinnett College
Computing systems
Mathematical modeling of regulatory mechanisms of interrelated functioning between a human brain and various organs.
Authors: M. Saidalieva, M. B. Hidirova, Sh. Yu. Isroilov
Presenting Author: Sh. Yu. Isroilov
Submitter information
Name: Hidirova Mohiniso
Affiliation: Institute of the Development of Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence, Uzbekistan