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2020 Assembly Program

Training workshops aim to provide neuroscience students, instructors, and researchers with FAIR capabilities, aware of the value of standards and best practices, knowledgeable in dealing with big datasets, and able to integrate knowledge over multiple scales and methods.

2020 workshops include:

  • 2-day workshop that aims to instruct neuroscience faculty on the best practices for teaching data science. Register now! 
  • 2-day, hands-on workshop that aims to provide neuroscientists, regardless of career stage, with the skill necessary to acquiring and efficiently utilize cloud services. Register on 1st March 2020!
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INCF Brain Summit is a unique workshop dedicated to providing the infrastructure providers and tool developers of the world’s leading large-scale brain projects with a forum to share experiences and lessons learned, as well as identify opportunities for alignment, gaps, and overlaps in the global neuroscience informatics infrastructure.

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Special Interest Groups (SIG) meetings provide an opportunity for community members, users and developers to work collaboratively to develop, refine, and/or implement community standards or best practice, as well as work collaboratively to make open neuroscience infrastructures interoperable. Would you like to host a SIG meeting? Submit your proposal today!

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INCF Congress on Neuroinformatics is the culminating event of the INCF Assembly week. Register now to ensure that you do not miss out on learning more about the latest developments in: 

  • Brain modeling to capture mechanisms underlying modern neuroscience datasets across spatial and temporal scales
  • Brain-inspired AI and neuroscience insights from AI
  • Modern ways of doing and sharing science
  • Machine learning for data/image processing
  • Extracting scientific information from large-scale data through neuroinformatics
  • Translation to disorders and behavior

The INCF Congress on Neuroinformatics is not only the perfect forum for neuroscientists to interact with with tool developers and infrastructure providers, but also a great opportunity for infrastructure providers and tool developers to come together to acquire new skills, develop new technologies, and interact with the user community. There will also be ample opportunities to interact with representatives from industry and publishing to get the latest information about products and services relevant to your research.

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